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Substance Abuse Counseling Certification Training Program

The 360 hour course  consist of over 50 units offered both in-class and online for 360 clock hours. Contact us for the Current Schedule.  Program also includes placement and supervision following the  360 hours of training. We offer various schedules to suit your training needs. We only offer 180 online hours for the entire program and the remainder 180 hours onsite.  The program is WDSPS approved and listed as one of the state approved locations found on the WDSPS website.  For syllabus information, specifiic topics covered, and additional requirements contact us either by phone or email.


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100 HRS

All trainees completing this training will receive a certificate of completion and assistance with applying for the SAC-IT with the state of Wisconsin.



360 HRS

All trainees completing this training will receive a certificate of completion and assistance with applying for the state certification and testing to become a certified Substance Abuse Counselor with the state.

Detailed Explanation of Domain and Elective Classes

Assessment Training

SAC-60 Hours

SAC-IT-15 Hours

This class covers foundational training in the areas of Substance abuse counselor Assessment.  Assessment is the ongoing process through which the counselor collaborates with the client and others to gather and interpret information necessary for planning treatment and evaluating client progress. The class will include foundational training and education in biopsychosocial perspectives, interviewing techniques, how to use screening and assessment instruments, as well as understanding how the DSM system is utilized in diagnosing clients. Trainees will also gain foundation knowledge of creating written assessment summaries in order to create Treatment plans.


SAC-60 Hours

SAC-IT-15 Hours

This class covers the required training and education in Counseling. Trainees will gain foundational knowledge in counseling theories and skills. The training and education covers the most widely used techniques in both individual and group counseling.  Including identification of counseling theories in order to utilize what they have learned in developing a case study.

Case Management

SAC-60 Hours

SAC-IT-10 Hours

This class covers the required training and education in Case Management.  Trainees will gain foundational knowledge in the coordinated approach to the delivery of health, substance abuse, mental health, and social services so that clients are linked with appropriate services, resources and agencies according to the goals of the clients in treatment. Each trainee will have to complete case studies that will allow them to understand a hands on step by step process in case management of the substance abuse counselor.


SAC-60 Hours

SAC-IT-15 Hours

This class covers the required education and training in Substance Use Disorders.  Trainees will gain a foundational understanding of the etiology of substance related disorders, the effects of Alcohol/Drugs use on the body, the family, and the community, as well as the foundational study of psychopharmacology.

Professional Responsibility

SAC-60 Hours

SAC-IT-20 Hours

This class covers the Substance abuse Counselor Professional Responsibility training and education required by the state of Wisconsin.  It includes a foundational overview of the industry, codes of conduct and the role of the counselor. An overview of the course will include a comprehensive study of the mandatory and aspiration ethical principles. As well as confidentiality requirements, record keeping, and cultural competency.

Boundaries & Ethics

SAC- 6 Hours

This class covers boundaries and Ethics in professional care. Ethics is essential to the safe and effective delivery of care to individuals seeking addiction treatment. Therefore, specific codes of ethics,as well as state and federal laws,have been developed to guide addiction professionals in their delivery of professional care to individuals seeking their services. This course details the guidelines of ethics, confidentiality, and boundaries for substance abuse counselors from several resources specific to alcohol and drug counselors. This class also reviews the most essential and universal principles in the treatment setting, while highlighting how to effectively resolve the ethical dilemmas that may arise while delivering care to individuals in need.


SAC-54 Hours

SAC-IT-15 Hours

This class covers the required training and education in the combined classes as Electives.  A large portion of the training is dedicated to the 12 core functions and 46 global criteria, foundational education in HIV/Aids education, HIPPA guidelines and understanding how to complete all certification documents for the state when the 100 hours of training and education is complete.   Each trainee is required to complete a final written document integrating a summary of the entire SAC-IT program before this class and course can be considered completed. 

Continuing Education Courses

Trinidy Institute of Learning has a list of CEU courses design to meet the Wisconsin state continuing education requirements for Substance abuse counselors. For a catalog of classes please contact us here.

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